Fraud Alert! A scam is impacting our area. Be wary of suspicious text messages asking for your information. Guardian Bank will not text you and ask you to call a number to unlock your debit card.

The Golden Isles are a great place to live. We think cordial service should be part of that.

ITMs extend our hours. And our smiles. Our Interactive Teller Machine allows you to talk to a real person, from 7am to 9pm.

Access your information anytime. Our mobile banking apps allow you to check your accounts from work or on the go.

Mobile texts keep you updated on your account. We use mobile text alerts and messaging to keep you informed about weather closings, your account status, and more.

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All of our accounts come with an exceptional
set of benefits and conveniences. Beyond that
are special features that make each one different.

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With a variety of accounts to choose from,
you’ll find one that fits your needs.

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We make the decisions right here in the Golden Isles.
The process is smooth and convenient.

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Credit/ Debit Cards

Our cards feature the latest fraud protection technology.

Need more personal banking help?

Stop by or contact us anytime.